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The Story Behind Aequitas Bookkeeping

Aequitas Bookkeeping was founded by Taylor Bell, who holds a passion for helping others. Taylor’s education started as a pre-med student at the University of Utah, working as a pharmacy technician. After living in Peru for a few years , he returned home, and came out as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. He then realized the medical field wasn’t for him, he found that instead of helping people with their physical health, he found value in developing long-term relationships helping people with their financial health.. Taylor has always held a passion for finances, as he saw his own parents struggle with financial burdens growing up, shout out to The Great Recession!. 


Transitioning out of  pre-med, Taylor leaped into Financial Planning, and graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Personal Financial Planning, with a minor in Business Management. He created Aequitas Bookkeeping as a way to work internally with business owners so they can set and reach their financial goals both as a business, and as individuals. 


Aequitas Bookkeeping functions under four core pillars: inclusion, passion, teamwork, and honesty. He prioritizes all of his clients, and wants everyone to feel welcome no matter their life experience. He holds a passion for seeing businesses grow, and knowing he worked internally alongside to help that happen. Taylor isn’t afraid to raise concern where he sees, maintaining transparency in each relationship he has. His constructive criticism maintains the trust with his clients, so they can maintain teamwork and excel together. Taylor is the go-to guy for anything accounting related… he’s also quite a fun guy to work with!

Why Work with Me


I enjoy meeting new entrepreneurs and maintaining a relationship that will grow their business


I love and value knowledge! My experience separates me from being "just a bookkeeper" into an integral Financial Partner for clients to rely on when making important financial decision


I work WITH business owners to help accelerate their growth through financial strategy. I want what is best for you and your business.

"Taylor is awesome to work with! He's knowledgeable, friendly, and accountable. It's a breeze working with him!"

Chloe Hoye, Utah

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